Demystifying Social Media SEO: The Power of Your Brand's Handle

September 23, 2023 • 4 minute read

While the search algorithm on social media seems mysterious at first glance, at its core it's just a system put in place to provide users with the relevant profiles and content that they're searching for.

Let's break down how the search algorithm operates behind the scenes, and how HandleConnect can boost your brand's credibility and help you consistently rank higher than the competition.

How Does Social Media SEO Actually Work?

Social media platforms want their search results to prioritize genuine accounts rather than impersonators and spam. However, manually reviewing every individual profile would be impossible.

To mitigate this, social media platforms have introduced search algorithms to decide which accounts get shown or hidden in the search results.

One of the key indicators the algorithm looks at is your account's click-through rate. Every time a user clicks on your profile from a search, the algorithm perceives your profile as more relevant and authentic.

To the algorithm, this interaction is worth more than just a like or a comment – It's a confirmation. A user saying “Yes, this profile is exactly what I was looking for!”

Simply put, the more people clicking on your account from search, the higher its visibility in future searches. (More on this later)

The Power of Your Brand's Username

Beyond simply representing your brand's identity online, your brand's username acts as the main connector between a user's search, the algorithm, and all of the possible profiles it could show them.

If you want to stand out and rank higher than similarly named profiles and competitors, making sure your username aligns with what your customers are searching for is crucial.

Picture this: A potential customer overhears someone at a cafe raving about the great experience they've just had with your brand. Eager to learn more, the first thing they do once they get home is head to Instagram and search up your brand's name.

Now the algorithm faces a dilemma, there are numerous accounts using the same or a similar variation of your brand's name. Which account should it display to the user first?

Here's why owning your brand's name is a gamechanger.

When you own your brand's username, the algorithm immediately identifies your profile as the perfect match for the user's search, given that it's an exact match to their query.

Bullseye. You've just made the algorithm's job a no-brainer.

As a result, your profile gets a much better spot when users search for you, making it seamless for your customers to find and engage with your brand online

In Conclusion

The perfect handle makes it easy for your customers to find you without getting lost in the sea of other profiles.

A high-ranking profile, paired with a short, authoritative username, enhances your credibility with consumers. Greater credibility leads to more clicks. These clicks in turn boost your profile's overall click-through rate, driving your traffic and ranking even higher

This straightforward yet extremely powerful positive feedback loop helps your brand consistently rank higher and higher over time.

A short and memorable handle not only helps you stand out, but drives more traffic to your brand.

Is Your Brand's Username Taken? We're Here to Help!

Lets face it: in today's fast-paced digital world, capturing people's attention online is more challenging than ever. However, everything changes with the right username.

Think of it as your bright neon sign in a crowded market. It makes your brand effortlessly easy to find, instantly memorable, and helps you stand out among the sea of other companies on social media.

As experts in the field of social media usernames, we've helped top brands secure their handles and are dedicated to helping you obtain yours.

Rest assured if we don't get you your perfect handle, you don't pay us a single cent. No handle, no hassle.

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